From $15k per month to $200k per month E-Commerce Case Study

About Josh Lampley:

Josh and his wife own a brand called Nerdy Ink. 

They sell fandom related products like t-shirts, stickers, prints etc. 

Before joining the 4080 coaching, they were doing around $15k per month.

They had an ad agency do ads for them and they were getting 5-6X ROAS but the agency wasn’t scaling and they wanted to do more. 

Josh had a background in sales but not in marketing, he ran a few ads himself in the past but didn’t had the knowledge on how to do it or what to do next.

The problems:

The current ad agency working for them was not scaling even if they had good results.

Josh didn’t have the experience / knowledge to run ads himself but he wanted to take over control of his marketing.

Action steps:

Josh was already seeing great results so the first thing we worked on with him was to start more audience tests and find a few good ones that can be moved to scaling.

Once the initial tests were finished, Josh had a few good audiences that he started scaling immediately.

We also helped him do more creative testing and we found out that videos didn’t do well for his ad account. 

We found that to be interesting because most ad accounts we worked with videos did well but that wasn’t the case for him. At least we knew what worked and what didn’t work, and because of that Josh was able to double down on what worked well.

We also helped Josh increase his AOV by bundling products together.

We helped him create a launch strategy for email marketing whenever he had limited supply of a new product, a framework that he still continues using to this day and works fantastically well.


Josh started with $15k per month and his goal was to hit 50k per month at the end of the program, which he did. 

He actually did 200k per month after he finished the program.

His record month was $230k.

Josh Lampley Video Testimonial

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