From $20k per month to $100k per month E-commerce Case Study
About Pat Brady:

Pat owns a company called “The Buffalo Turf Co” that sells pieces of the old field of the Buffalo Bills.

He had experience in marketing but not running Facebook ads. His goal was to learn as fast as possible so he could run everything himself and scale profitably because he didn’t want to give up control to an ad agency.

The problems:

Every time he tried scaling further, results would drop and not stay consistent.

He didn’t have a plan to follow, he didn’t know what to focus on next.

He didn’t have someone to guide him on how to scale successfully.

He discovered 4080 and was intrigued by the idea of being coached so he can do it himself.

He booked a call with us and we showed him the results of our clients and he decided to jump in.

At that time, he was averaging $20k per month with an AOV of under $30 per transaction.

Action steps:

Once he jumped in, the first thing we showed him how to do was to build a solid advertising system.

Top of the funnel campaigns for testing creatives, audiences & scale campaigns.

Middle of the funnel to nurture people.

Bottom of the funnel with built in scarcity to incentivize people to buy fast.

Once the advertising system was in place, we guided him on making new creative tests because he was running the same ad for the past 12 months.

After the results of the creative testing came in, we guided him on testing new audiences with the new creative test that was profitable.


He started scaling his ad account within 7 days.

10 days since joining, he already got a positive return on his investment.

He increased his AOV from $30 to $85.

He increased his revenue from $20k to $100k per month.

He started doing more email marketing (one email he sent made him $20k in a day)

Pat did so well that he even started a second business which he is now scaling. 

He said that he feels way more confident & clear on his action steps moving forward and he is much more motivated. 

He started feeling more like a business owner than before when he was making some side cash.

He said that no matter what happens, he knows how to make money.

Pat Brady Video Testimonial

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