From $30k per month to $150k per month Info-Course Case Study

About Ryan Kelly:

Ryan has a PhD in music and he’s an expert at what he does. 

He loves playing piano and teaching people, but he didn’t want to do 1-1’s so he created a course that teaches people how to play piano using images. 

At the time of joining our coaching program, he was still working as a teacher even if he was making 30k per month from his course.

The problems:

He was following a lot of people so he didn’t have a clear list of action steps to work on.

He didn’t like the idea of giving up control of his ad account to an ad agency, he wanted to do marketing himself but he wasn’t confident enough.

His ad account was completely disorganized.

He was running the same campaign for over 2 years.

He wanted to have someone help him stay on track with everything.

Ryan discovered 4080 Marketing and he was interested because he understood the power of having a teacher / coach guide him into everything that was needed to grow further.

Actions steps:

The first thing that we helped Ryan do was to get his entire ad account more organized.

Top of the funnel, middle of the funnel and bottom of the funnel.

At the time when he joined our program, he didn’t even have a retargeting campaign so we helped him build it out.

Once that was live, we helped with testing new ad creatives & new audiences so he can scale further.

Initial results:

After the coaching program, he went from $30k per month to $150k per month.

Ryan was happy with the results, but he wanted to optimize the revenue to be more predictable.

In the summer of 2020, his offer started decaying so we helped him rebuild everything from ground up into a subscription business.

Before, he was doing AD > OPT-IN > VSL > OFFER > UPSELLS

Results after improving the business model:

In October of 2020, he went live with the subscription model and within 6 months Ryan managed to get to 4000 active subscribers each paying $37 per month. That’s $148k MMR.

Instead of doing $150k per month and having to re-start again each month from 0, we helped him optimize his entire business and this allowed him to consistently bring in $150k per month from his subscribers.

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