How We Train Internal Marketing Teams To Increase Performance, Save On Agency Fees, And Have Complete Control Over Their Marketing

So if you’re watching this, I can probably make a few assumptions about you:

  • You’re running ads - or your team is running ads - but it’s feeling like a grind
  • Or you’re a store owner, info product owner, or run a tribe or membership 
If that’s the case, you’re in exactly the right place. And I’m gonna be breaking down just how we achieve the successes we do for our clients right here.

Alternatively, you may be here because you’ve seen or heard some of the results we’ve gotten for brands like:

And yeah, I seem to like helping 8 figure fitness companies. But me and our team here and more or less worked in every industry imaginable at this point. Including companies like:
… so big 8-figure companies. 

And then we’re also in the world of taking small startups from seedling and non-competitive… into up and coming powerhouses. Like:

Josh Lampley

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Josh Lampley

Who runs an incredible fandom-based business called Nerdy ink, who started with us doing $15K per month and within just 3 and a half months, we created $200K months right alongside him.
Who runs an incredible fandom-based business called Nerdy ink, who started with us doing $15K per month and within just 3 and a half months, we created $200K months right alongside him.

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As well as...

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Ethan Ferguson

Ethan Ferguson

Who runs an unique membership business called “The Flower Letters”. He came to us hitting $30K months, and UNDER 3 months later he was sitting pretty at $250K months.
Who runs an unique membership business called “The Flower Letters”. He came to us hitting $30K months, and UNDER 3 months later he was sitting pretty at $250K months.

Now, results like these are possible. But they’re not for any ONE reason. 

It’s not me…

By the way my name is Ethan Bence, and I’m the owner and founder here at 4080 Marketing. 

It’s also NOT just ALL these guys…

And it’s NOT just our process:

It’s a combo of all three. 

It’s a combo of you and us. 

And it’s a combo of complete and utter personalization, and prioritization of what matters most in your business. 

It’s the little hinges that swing the biggest doors. 

It’s caring about your margins as much as you do. 

It’s about looking at your budget as if every cent were our own. 

That’s what I do. 

It’s what these guys do.      

And I know deep down it’s the only way you should receive advice and coaching whilst scaling to the moon in conversions, profitability… AND sanity. 
Now you’ve seen why it works…

I believe I can truly say that we run the most comprehensive, detailed, and metric-driven advertising coaching program around. 

But let’s go into how it works right here…

It’s a 12 week hybrid program with the simple intention of getting your TOF, MOF, and BOF absolutely cranking. 

By hybrid I mean two things here:

Firstly→ Months before iOS, we almost exclusively focused on ad accounts, media buying, and TOF conversions.
But now we’re full stack, as I believe it’s the only way to compete against what we call “account blackouts”

Aka - when your attribution literally blacks out in your account overnight.

Secondly → Our 12 weeks together is a combo of 1-1 work and mentorship, and group calls working through major marketing developments. 
This is the only way I believe we can actively get into the weeds and fix the internal cogs of your marketing. 

We can’t do that through a “one hour, $100 call” like a mass market consultant…

We definitely can’t do it by throwing you into a Facebook group and telling you to just “work it out yourself”

And just group coaching doesn’t cut the mustard.

This is personal. And focused. 

And you should expect nothing less, whether you choose us or anybody else. 

So what will we work on in these 1-1 calls together?

Amazing question... Thank you for asking.

Our job is to uncover where your best, cheapest, most abundant, and most scalable conversions come through your ad account…

Then look at…

every. single. level. of. the. funnel. 

To do this, the level of personalization in our future relationship together means I can’t script out how a rough 12 week timeframe looks. 

BUT if I had to, we start with the foundations…

Running through your offers…

Your marketing of said offers…

And then your account structure. 

That’s the foundational setup of growing your business. 

From there we get into being a media buyer - where we’ll train you and/or your team in the mentality of being a high quality media buyer. 

But not just that, if it’s an employee of yours who’s a marketer and not JUST a media buyer, we’ll be working on them being a high quality media buyer, with as little time management needed as possible. 

Don’t worry, we gotcha covered. 


After we’ve got the rules of media buying embedded in your brains, fingers, and hearts…

We tackle the full funnel… alongside the bottlenecks that you’ll inevitably encounter along the way. 

And then our last phase is scaling, and how you should incrementally, and ever-increasingly grow your ad account to match your business’s health. 

THAT’s our 12 weeks…

Roughly in a nutshell. 

But the way this looks for you may be wildly different from anyone else. 

And it may be wildly different from my rough outline above. 

That’s why what matters most and least to you is factored inside your coaching experience with us. 

If your account is healthy, but your problem lies in offers and budgets… you best know we’re not spending 3-5 weeks going through media buying. 

Instead, we’re right into the heart of the problem, skipping what we don’t need to cover, and spending a lot of time focusing on problems and scale. 

On the flipside, if you’ve got healthy margins and offers, but your account structure is scattered, and your performance is failing...

Rest assured we’ll aggressively focus on ads, account structure, and scalability. Whether that’s with you or it’s just with your team or media buyer(s).

So that combination of:



Our Process…

Personalization And Prioritization…

Is what’s going to help you get the results that truly matter on your bottom line.

It’s definitely not going to come from the latest hack or fad randomly applied... where you see 2 weeks of growth, and then entire months of setbacks. 

Added to that, one thing you’re absolutely going to love... is that the growth you’re going to receive is forever in your and/or your team’s hands. 

It won’t be some agency that tries to fit a round peg into their square hole methodology, burn your budget, and then leave you desolate to pick up the pieces out of the embers. 

Done right, after 12 weeks you’ve got better results than any agency... and it’s perfectly internalized in your company.
So it’s not going anywhere. 

THAT to me is the ultimate combination. 

And hopefully it was also all the qualification and filter I need to do…

And hopefully enough excitement and… 

If it IS… then just click on the green button below 
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and book a call with Colin.

Colin’s been my one and only advisor for years now, and as a fully fledged marketer, there is nobody better to deep dive and set up your scaling plans with. 

The questions & the answers

 $49 seems way too low, why is it so cheap?

We want you to get such good results that it creates new problems in your business…

Problems that we can help you solve. Let’s be clear - we are marketers, you are most likely a marketer. So we can cut the BS :).

We are willing to lose money to acquire you as a customer, try our products out, and then ideally you love them so much that you want to work with us more closely.

 Why should I trust you guys?

Fair question. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen in the industry, unfortunately.

So, here goes: most people selling Facebook Ads education/services don’t spend their own money on ads. They haven’t worked with hundreds of clients and driven over $100 million in client revenue.

Ultimately, it’s our job to show you as much proof as possible, and to take away as much of your risk as possible.

Review our testimonials, results, our free content, and see if it makes sense.

On top of that, we have a lifetime guarantee on our products. If you’re unhappy with the content, All you need to do is email us with one word "refund", no questions asked, and you will receive your money back within 7 days.

 How is the content delivered?

You will get your own login to a training portal that contains the video modules, downloadable content, and bonuses, available immediately after you purchase!

 Is this a course?

Not really. Courses (especially Facebook Ads courses) go out of date extremely quickly.

Strategy never goes out of date.

However, in this training, we include both the strategy/theory behind testing so that you can apply it to your business forever (and even different ad platforms - the logic is the same), and in-the-weeds implementation and execution so that you’re not guessing.

You will know exactly how to implement and what action steps to take. The last thing we want is for you to have information-overload and then not implement anything

 Who is this for?

Any e-commerce brand, digital product creator, or service provider that wants to bulletproof their testing process.

This training was built for our internal clients, who collectively spend more than $3 million per month, some individually spending $500k per month by themselves.

But, companies spending $300 or more per day can effectively leverage the strategies - and oftentimes can see faster results (think of it like newbie gains).

Let’s be very clear - having an amazing product/offer is the most important thing when advertising. Without that, no amount of advertising will help. If you don’t have a product, do not buy this right now.

 Will this show me how to start advertising from scratch?


This training assumes that you are able to navigate around Ads Manager, publish ads, and have a relatively good understanding of Facebook Advertising.

You don’t have to be an expert, but if you’ve never published an ad, this isn’t for you.
Whether it’s with 4080 Marketing…

Hopefully you know what to expect, and what you SHOULD expect. 

If it is with 4080 Marketing…

I’m so excited, and so looking forward to the journey. 

With that, I’m out, and will truly see you on the other side.

Our only goal is to make you
more money.

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