From A Light Calendar To A Fully Booked Calendar High-Ticket Case Study
About Devon Loomis:

Devon has a high-ticket coaching program where he helps women go over breakups.

Before joining the 4080 coaching program, he had no experience running paid ads.

He was sending traffic straight to his calendar page without giving value to potential clients and because of that, his calendar was empty.

The problems:

Devon was really good at coaching but he really needed to have more calls in his calendar.

He was running lead ads to the calendar page and it wasn’t working well for him.

He didn’t have a good understanding of marketing but he was really good at coaching.

Action steps:

The most important thing we helped Devon with was helping him build his funnel.

We helped him build a lead magnet, an opt-in page, a VSL, email sequence etc.

We helped him build his advertising system and create new ads for testing and new audiences.

We also helped Devon improve his sales process to make everything easier and also helped him improve his overall messaging in the ads.


After Devon finished the 4080 coaching program, he was fully booked with calls on his calendar and had to hire a salesperson because he just couldn’t do it anymore.

His cost per call dropped to $30 - $40.

He felt overwhelmed with the amount of calls as he didn’t expect this.

Devon Loomis Video Testimonial

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