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58% More Booked Calls with A/B Split Testing

BY: Ethan Bence

November 10, 2023

Let me show you how to get 58% more calls booked through split-testing.

My high ticket/info product people, I’m sorry. 

I’ve been neglecting you when it comes to split-testing fun. 

I’m going to give some more high impact tests focusing on standard high-ticket/service based funnels for both call funnels and low ticket funnels.

If you have both in your business, even better.

Now I’m not going to shock the world when I say it’s gotten harder to get people to buy products, book calls, and become clients. Competition is higher, ads are more expensive, and clients are more sophisticated.

Not-a-surprise pt. 2: the best way to get more low ticket purchases and higher quality clients is to test your messaging, funnels, angles, headlines, positioning, avatars, etc.

In order to truly measure that, we need to split-traffic and track all the way through to what we care about most: purchases or calls. 

It’s not enough to say “this opt in gets more leads”. We need to track all the way through.

We also shouldn’t just run one VSL this week and another VSL next month. Traffic quality, seasonality, and ad performance are all too different. So we need to control for those variables.

For a primer, let’s go over just how impactful split-testing can be for your business. 

In the test attached you’ll see a 58% increase in booked calls with a 95% confidence. That’s simply from testing a VSL page.
That’s 58% more calls from one test. Multiply that by the number of calls you’re currently getting and you can see why that’s a big deal.
If you’re getting 100 calls a month… you’re gonna get 58 extra calls per month. With a 25% close rate, that’s an extra 14 clients per month.

So over the next little while, I’m going to show as much as I can to help you increase your traffic efficiency through split-testing.

I’ll show you some info product tests soon.
Hope you’re ready 🙂

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