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Reduce Your CPA by Up To 17% for your Info-Digital Products

BY: Ethan Bence

November 21, 2023

What would getting an extra 17% more customers on your low ticket product do for you?

If you sell a low ticket product into a backend offers (monthly membership, other digital products, consulting, services etc.) -> let me walk you through a sales page split test you can run today to reduce your CPA by 10%-25%

If you have a low ticket offer, the volume of purchases and the CPA you get is your lifeblood. And if you have a higher ticket backend offer or any monthly recurring revenue, your frontend volume is a force multiplier to your overall revenue.

Let’s assume your frontend product is $39.

Let’s also assume 20% of buyers end up buying other products or services of yours. If you’re doing even a halfway decent job that shouldn’t be an issue.

If your backend product is $499, that means that each new buyer you get isn’t just worth $39, but an additional .2 * $499 = $99.8.

This is why it is absolutely critical for you to increase your frontend conversion rate as much as humanly possible.

Now, we care about profits, so we can’t just spend an infinite amount of money to acquire a customer.

Let’s say that we know with our funnel economics (conversion rates, upsell take rates, lifetime value, etc) that we can spend $100 to acquire a customer. Great, now we have our target.

Here’s the problem: paid traffic platforms don’t really care what your budgeted CPA is. Consumers care even less.

The other immutable fact is that, in general, as you increase ad spend, your cost per purchase will go up. We’ll save why for a different time.

You MUST work ruthlessly to resist the rise in CPA. The best way to do that is to split test your sales page.

And if you wanna do it the efficient way, split test your above the fold section.






That’s it. You can spend months only testing these before hitting diminishing returns – and consumer behavior changes so quickly that by next year, the messaging you used this year may not work next year.

In fact… let’s go over an example where testing just the above the fold section leads to a 17% drop in CPA with 90% confidence.

And yes, that means you get 17% more purchases for the same ad spend.

Which means you get 17% more backend customers.

In the case of the example below, only a few things changed.

  1. Seasonal-relevance: One of the best ways to increase the urgency to buy your product is just to call out the season/time of year and make it clear why they should care now. In this case, adding a banner at the top to highlight “summer savings” and adding the book on a beach in an image below handled that
  2. Changing the second section to highlight savings rather than just saying “special bundle”


Both are attached as images.

The results are also attached.

Again, these are relatively minor changes – but they’re calculated.

You want to focus above the fold because up to 50% of visitors won’t make it below the fold (check out your heatmaps’ scroll depths if you don’t believe me). It’s also the easiest to change.

Make sure you properly split test in order to get a valid result.

Here is a rough, general guide to do that:

  1. Whip out your split testing software
  2. Set up an A/B Test or a redirect test if you already have duplicated a new page out
  3. Let it run for a minimum of 7 days to call a loser and 14 days to call a winner
  4. Aim for higher than 90% confidence to call a winne

Again, the key is to properly split test. You need to track the visitors all the way through – it’s not enough to launch two ad sets to two different URLs.

If you’re relatively quick, you can have this test up in an hour or so.

See you in the next one.

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