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Ecommerce Brand Sees 420% YOY Increase

BY: Ethan Bence

February 6, 2023

These 3 Split-Tests Generated $99k in Monthly Incremental Revenue for an Outdoor Brand

It should come as no surprise, but split-testing is one of the best ways to increase profit for DTC brands. Taking your existing traffic and making more of it convert is always a good idea.

That being said, we want to show you the 3 most impactful split-tests we ran for outdoor leisure brand, Nakie.

In 3 months of working together, we helped to generate an additional $99k in incremental revenue – every single month!

Let’s take a look at the top 3 split-tests that produced this incremental revenue:

  1. Mobile navigation
  2. Announcement banner
  3. Homepage above the fold

Let’s go through them one by one!

Mobile Navigation

We moved the search icon next to the cart and we included text below each option.

This is a UX style test that makes the user journey easier. The harder it is for users to get the information they need, the more likely they are to leave the site out of frustration.

This is one of those minor changes that has a much higher impact than you would expect. Rearranging the icons also made it less likely for someone to accidentally tap another button when trying to get to the menu. Again, we want to eliminate frustration as much as possible.

Overall, this test accounted for a 7.6% increase in earnings per session.

Announcement Banner

Announcement banners are powerful. Every visitor that comes to your site sees them, and on nearly every page of your site too. Even if the impact is subconscious, they can still be used as a selling opportunity.

You’ll want to include additional benefits that aid the sales process and handle objections. Shipping cost, sale details, return policy, etc. all factor into a buying decision.

Adding two other benefits to the banner: “Lifetime Warranty” and “Made from 100% recycled materials”. This added 12.8% to earnings per session

Homepage above the Fold

We completely redesigned the homepage above the fold, wrote a new headline, found a high engagement photo from IG, put social proof above the fold, and a few other changes.

Your homepage above the fold is kind of like the introduction to your entire business – and you know what they say, first impressions are everything.

The biggest mistake that businesses make is focusing on themselves. That’s why you’ll note in this case, we rewrote the headline to speak about the benefit that the customer would get if they bought the product.

Add to that, looking on Instagram to find the most engaged with photos is a great place to start. You need to showcase the experience of using your product.


There were other winning split-tests, but all in all, 3 months of testing efforts added $99k per month in additional revenue.

That is revenue that you work for once and it builds month after month after month.

Make sure you split-test any changes you make to your site to make a data-based decision – don’t just change and hope!

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