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The Keys To Adding 91k in Quarterly Incremental Revenue for this Supplement Brand

BY: Ethan Bence

February 6, 2023

Women’s Supplement Brand Adds $91k in Quarterly Incremental Revenue

Nourished Natural Health is a supplement brand for women that focuses mainly on helping them with PCOS.

When we started working together, it was obvious they had an extremely loyal customer base and a fantastic product. Traffic efficiency was the main concern.

When in a competitive vertical like supplements, it’s critical to convert as much of your traffic as possible. Clicks from paid traffic are expensive and consumers have a lot of different options to choose from.

It’s our job to make sure that we’re providing those users with the on-site experience that will make the convert.

Below, we’ll detail the three tests that drove the most impactful revenue for NNH that helped add $91k in quarterly incremental revenue!

Let’s dive in.

  1. Here are the tests we’ll look at
  2. Best Selling Product Page
    Menu Test
  3. Announcement Banner

Best Selling Product Page

One of the first tests we ran for NNH was on their flagship, best selling product – their androgen blocker.

The page needed a lot of work, so we made some pretty radical changes. We started by including trust badges on the first product image. The user’s eye is immediately drawn to the image – we want to use that to our advantage. In this case, we highlighted key benefits as soon as possible – it’s made in the USA, FDA approved, 100% natural, and 100% moneyback guarantee.

The contents of these benefits is less important than the concept – this brand’s customers care about these items. If you know what your customers care about, that’s all that matters.

Next, we updated the CTA section. We moved around the Klarna payment option icon, re-highlighted the moneyback guarantee, free shipping, and fast delivery.

We redid the bundle options as well – changing the subheadline and removing the subscription option.

We included social proof right below the product title, removed the sticky add to cart button, and reduced the amount of dead space.

This was a pretty radical change, but that’s what is needed in certain cases. Overall, this provided a 12.9% increase in Earnings per Session.

Menu Test

The mobile menu is often one of the least conversion-optimized areas for the site. Brands have the idea that it’s purely functional, just there to navigate. That’s a misconception.

We can use the menu as an opportunity to highlight benefits, answer objections, and showcase social proof.

Further, by making the menu more visually appealing and easy to navigate, we help users get to where they want to go faster and easier. That is always a good thing. Frustrating browsing experiences can lose a user faster than almost anything.

That’s exactly what we did in this case. First, we utilized the top section of the menu to highlight two things that customers care a lot about: the free shipping threshold and the moneyback guarantee phase.

Next, we reorganized the menu options. Having “home” and “main site” are superfluous. Not necessary. Remember: removing elements from your site is just as, if not more, powerful than adding.

We then combined the “shop” options under one larger “shop category.” This freed up space and made for clearer interpretation.

We also added more color and imagery into the menu options to make it more visually appealing.

Overall, the variant on this test had 36.6% higher Earnings per Session. That’s a clear winner right there!

Announcement Banner

One of our favorite tests here! A key component of our Conversion Revenue Optimization process is constantly testing new messaging, copy, and positioning. Buyer behavior and patterns change with the year, seasons, and sometimes days of the week.

The reason why people buy in January may no longer even be relevant come July – so if you don’t update your copy, you’re leaving a lot left on the table.

In this case, we updated the copy on the announcement bar to be focused on New Year’s Resolutions. Since NNH is a health/supplement brand, it coincides perfectly with resolutions.

There isn’t necessarily a copywriting “formula” that works best. Rather, copy comes from a deep understanding of your customer, research, and a whole lot of testing.

Announcement banner copy tests are some of the easiest tests to implement – yet can be extremely high-impact due to the amount of visitors who view the banner.

Our variant had a 15.2% increase in Earnings per Session compared to the control.


If you’re not split-testing, you’re leaving money on the table, point, blank, period.

In the case of NNH, we helped add $91k in incremental revenue each quarter after just 4 months of working together. Continued split-testing will only increase that number!

If you’re spending money on paid traffic, you need to be split-testing. The game has changed too much, and paid traffic is too expensive to not consistently split-test.

Hopefully this case study has provided you with some inspiration and insight into high-impact tests you can run.

Make sure that if you are making changes to your site that you are split-testing them. DO NOT just make changes to your live site. You won’t know if the change you made actually helped.

Take the principles from this, apply it to your own brand, and let us know how it worked!

If you want to see how we can help your brand grow with Conversion Revenue Optimization, then book a call with us below.

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